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List of identified structural variations (SVs) and single nucleotide variations (SNVs).
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chr SV SNV
chr1 completed 432
chr2 completed 138
chr3 completed 249
chr4 completed 244
chr5 completed 321
chr6 partially completed 253
chr7 partially completed 241
chr8 partially completed 261
chr9 partially completed 295
chr10 in progress 351
chr11 in progress 116
chr12 in progress 168
chr13 in progress 154
chr14 in progress 176
chr15 in progress 153
chr16 in progress 270
chr17 completed 297
chr18 completed 149
chr19 completed 94
chrX completed 233
chrY* n.d. 6*
@ @ SNV spectrum
SVs and SNV were identified by IGV browzer and samtools, respectively. Approximately 2/3 of SV detection were completed. All the SNV detection were accomplished. No experimental valications have been conducted, yet. The numbers in the SNV column indicate the SNV calls on each chromosome.
*A female genomic DNA sample was used for WGS; therefore, the six SNVs found on chrY were eliminated for further analysis.