The late onset phenotypes of comprehensive pipeline in C57BL/6N
Analysis Group Condition; Aged mice (B6/NJcl)
Analysis Group Description Phenotypic differences of C57BL/6NJcl strain between early and late age have been analyzed in this analysis group. Test mice were produced by the natural mating and reared under the JMC standard housing conditions.
Strain Associated
Housing SOP(s)
and SDOP(s)
C57BL/6NJcl Mouse husbandry (RIKEN BRC)
Strain Condition 1 Pipeline(s)
C57BL/6NJcl Late ♀: 11  ♂: 9
Early ♀: 14  ♂: 14
Procedure Difference Supplement
4-57w Body Weight Curve -
9-49w Open Field S
Combined SHIRPA and Dysmorphology S Image_icon
Grip Strength S
10-50w Acoustic startle and Pre-pulse Inhibition (PPI) S
11-51w Indirect Calorimetry S
12-52w Electrocardiogram (ECG) S
13-53w Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test (IPGTT) S
14-54w Body Composition (DEXA lean/fat) S
X-ray S Image_icon
15-53w Eye Morphology S Image_icon
16-56w Hematology S
Clinical Blood Chemistry S
Immunophenotyping test S
Pathology S