Procedure Combined SHIRPA and Dysmorphology v1.1
Pipeline IMPC_adult_v2-LaterOnset Screen Age (week) 9-49w
Strain Condition 1 Pipeline(s) Tested Day
C57BL/6NJcl Late ♀: 11  ♂: 9 2015/10/06 - 2016/07/12
(9.36 - 49.93)
Early ♀: 14  ♂: 14
Parameter Difference Supplement
Body size S
Coat S Image_icon
Fingernails NS
Foot digits NS
Forelimbs NS
Forepaws NS
Genitalia NS
Hand digits NS
Head NS
Hindlimbs NS
Hindpaws NS
Lip NS
Skin NS
Tail S
Teeth NS
Toenails NS
Vibrissae NS
Abdominal tone NS
Activity (body position) NS
Aggression NS
Contact righting NS
Ears NS
Gait NS
Head bobbing NS
Limb grasp NS
Limb tone NS
Locomotor activity S
Mouth morphology NS
Positional passivity NS
Salivation NS
Snout size NS
Startle response NS
Tail elevation NS
Toe pinch NS
Touch escape S
Transfer arousal NS
Tremor NS
Trunk curl NS
Unexpected behaviors NS
Vocalization NS
Forty-nine-week-old mice (Late) had larger body than 9-week-old mice (Early). They showed lower locomotor activity and slower reaction in touch escape test. Some of 49-week-old female (Late) had a patch of brown coat on their back.