Procedure Eye Morphology v1.0
Pipeline IMPC_adult_v2-LaterOnset Screen Age (week) 15-53w
Strain Condition 1 Pipeline(s) Tested Day
C57BL/6NJcl Late ♀: 9  ♂: 7 2015/11/17 - 2016/08/10
(15.5 - 53.79)
Early ♀: 14  ♂: 13
Parameter Difference Supplement
Eye NS
Bulging eye NS
Cornea NS
Corneal deposits NS
Corneal mineralization NS
Corneal opacity NS
Corneal Sclerization NS
Corneal ulcer NS
Corneal vascularization NS
Eye Hemorrhage or Blood Presence NS
Eyelid closure NS
Eyelid morphology NS
Fusion between cornea and lens NS
Iris Pigmentarion NS
Iris/Pupil NS
Lacrimation NS
Lens S Image_icon
Lens Opacity NS
Narrow eye opening NS
Optic Disc NS
Persistence of hyaloid vascular system NS
Pupil Dilation NS
Pupil Light Response NS
Pupil Position NS
Pupil Shape NS
Retina NS
Retinal Blood Vessels NS
Retinal Blood Vessels Pattern NS
Retinal Blood Vessels Structure S Image_icon
Retinal Pigmentation S Image_icon
Retinal Structure NS
Synechia NS
Vitreous NS
53-week-old mice(Late) had larger lens and harder nucleus than 15-week old mice(Early). Some of 53 weeks old mice(Late) showed white spots of the retina getting larger and more and retinal blood vessels getting thinner than 15 weeks old mice(Early).