Procedure Open Field v1
Pipeline IMPC_adult_v2-LaterOnset Screen Age (week) 9-49w
Strain Condition 1 Pipeline(s) Tested Day
C57BL/6NJcl Late ♀: 11  ♂: 9 2015/10/05 - 2016/07/11
(9.21 - 49.79)
Early ♀: 14  ♂: 14
Parameter Difference Supplement
Center average speed NS
Center distance travelled NS
Center permanence time NS
Center resting time NS
Distance travelled S
Distance travelled - total NS
Latency to center entry S
Number of center entries NS
Percentage center time NS
Periphery average speed NS
Periphery distance travelled NS
Periphery permanence time NS
Periphery resting time S
Whole arena average speed NS
Whole arena resting time NS
Distance travelled was significantly decreased in 49-week-old mice (Late) relative to 9-week-old mice (Early) only in male.