Procedure Body Composition (DEXA lean/fat) v1
Pipeline IMPC_adult_v2-LaterOnset Screen Age (week) 14-54w
Strain Condition 1 Pipeline(s) Tested Day
C57BL/6NJcl Late ♀: 11  ♂: 9 2015/11/11 - 2016/08/15
(14.5 - 54.79)
Early ♀: 14  ♂: 13
Parameter Difference Supplement
Bone Mineral Content (excluding skull) NS
BMC/Body weight S
Bone Mineral Density (excluding skull) S
Body fat percentage S
Body length S
Bone Area (BMC/BMD) S
Body weight S
Fat/Body weight S
Fat mass S
Lean/Body weight S
Lean mass S
Body fat percentage and Body length and Body weight and Bone Mineral Density(excluding skull) and Fat mass and Lean mass and Fat/Body weight were increased in 54-week-old mice (Late) relative to 14-week-old mice (Early). Bone Area and BMC/Body weight and Lean/Body weight were decreased in 54-week-old mice (Late) relative to 14-week-old mice (Early).