Mouse Phenotype Analysis Division develops "Mouse Clinic" which is a phenotype analysis platform for genetically modified mice that systematically examines more than 700 items, aiming to understand the human diseases and elucidate gene functions. The division participates in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), publishes the results of the phenotype analyses, and develops new technologies on phenotyping analyses.


  • Development of systematic and comprehensive phenotyping platform for mice
  • International contribution through participation in the IMPC
  • Provision of international standardized phenotyping methods to the domestic research community
  • Development of new phenotyping methods
IMPC_logo Japan Mouse Clinic is one of institutional members of IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium).
Enter the page "Activity for IMPC" to search phenotype and development information of IMPC Knockout mouse strains.

What's news

2023/04/01 Technology and Development Team for Mouse Phenotype Analysis has been reorganized and the Mouse Phenotype Analysis Division is being launched as a new key technology development program.
2023/04/01 Automated hematology analyzer was updated to XN-1000V (sysmex).
In clinical biochemical test, LD and ALP measurement methods were replaced by IFCC method for JSCC method.
2023/02/16 "Interview with women in research positions" has received RIKEN Diversity Award 2022 for the diversity efforts.
2022/04/26 As part of the Diversity initiatives to support women’s active participation, an interview article with Dr. Ikuko Yamada, technical scientist, was published on the BRC website.

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