impc_logo.png(8280 byte) Japan Mouse Clinic is one of institutional members of IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium) .
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What's news

2018/09 This website was revamped.
2018/03/22 Progress of phenotyping JMC was updated.
2017/12/11 Comprehensive mouse phenotyping data of the late-onset screen in IMPC pipeline were published in the following site.
2017/10/27 As a part of the results of IMPC project (the Japan Mouse Clinic is participating), we have performed the high-throughput hearing phenotyping in the IMPC KO mice, analyzed for up to 3006 knockout lines, and we detect known hearing loss genes, but the vast majority, 52. The results have been published in Nature Communications (26th June 2017) and has implications for understanding the physiological complexity of the auditory system in human auditory function.
2017/08/25 Progress of phenotyping JMC was updated.

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