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Available Mutant Strains established by ENU-based gene-driven mutagenesis.

To request mutant strains, please refer the BRC Experimental Animal Division Page after confirming the BRC No from the list below. Please note that all the ENU-induced mutant mice are non LMOs (non living modified organisims).

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BRC No. Strain Name of G1 Locus Gene Allele Mutation Info. Base subst. Mutation site ±10bp context Phenotype Info. References and Comments
RBRC-02324 M101393 MMU08 E2 Disc1 Rgsc01393 Gln > Leu A→T GTAGCCCCTCAGAGGCGGCGG Major depression-like "left">[2], a backcross line of RBRC-GD0047 to C57BL/6J
RBRC-02325 M101390 MMU08 E2 Disc1 Rgsc01390 Leu > Pro T→C AAGCCTTTTCTCAAGAGCTCC Schizophorenia-like [2], a backcross line of RBRC-GD0048 to C57BL/6J
RBRC-GSC0224 M101116 MMU05 A3 MFCS1 Rgsc01116 cis element T→C TGATGATCCATAAATTGTTGG dominant preaxial polydactyly [1]
RBRC-GSC0225 M101117 MMU05 A3 MFCS1 Rgsc01117 cis element T→C TAACTGTTGCTATGTGTTAAT no phenotypes found yet [1]
RBRC-GSC0226 M101155 MMU05 A3 MFCS1 Rgsc01155 cis element T→A GATTTCATAATGAACTCCAGA
RBRC-GSC0227 M101192 MMU05 A3 MFCS1 Rgsc01192 cis element T→A AGTACTTTCATAATAAAAGTA no phenotypes found yet [1]
RBRC-GSC0228  M101197 MMU05 A3 MFCS1 Rgsc01197 cis element T→A ATCAGATTTATTTTGTATGTT
RBRC-GSC0229 M101198 MMU05 A3 MFCS1 Rgsc01198 cis element T→C AGTGGGGAAAATATCTCACCA
RBRC-GD000009 M100202 MMU07 E1 Tyr Rgsc00202 Promoter region A→T tagtgtcgaaagtagtacaga no phenotypes found yet
RBRC-GD000010 M102008 MMU07 E1 Tyr Rgsc02008 intron G→A CTTCAAAGTTGTTATTAAACA
RBRC-GD000011 M102005 MMU06 A3 Smo Rgsc02005 intron C→A ATACTGAAGGCAGCTGAGTCC
RBRC-GD000012 M102006 MMU07 D2 Blm Rgsc02006 synonymous C→T CAGTGCAGGGCGACTCCTGCC
RBRC-GD000013 M102007 MMU11 C Hoxb1 Rgsc02007 3' flanking T→C GGATTAAGATTAAGGGTTGGT
RBRC-GD000014 M100683 MMU10 D3 Avpr1a Rgsc00683 Ser > Asn G→A GACAGCATGAGTTTCCCGCGA
RBRC-GD000015 M100727 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc00727 Phe > Leu T→C GCTCAAGTCGTTTCAGCAGCA
RBRC-GD000016 M102010 MMU07 E1 Tyr Rgsc02010 intron A→T AAAAATCATGATTTCAAGTAA
RBRC-GD000017 M100742 MMU05 G3 Brca2 Rgsc00742 Ser > Pro T→C AGGAAATGCCTCATATGAACA
RBRC-GD000018 M100840 MMU04 A2 Nbn Rgsc00840 Ile > Thr T→C GGGATGGACATAGAACTCAAC
RBRC-GD000019 M100841 MMU01 C3 Bard1 Rgsc00841 Pro > Ser C→T TAGCCAAATACCAGTTATGGA
RBRC-GD000020 M100938 MMU01 H4 Psen2 Rgsc00938 splicing donor G→A ACGGGCAGCTGTGAGTTGGGG
RBRC-GD000021 M102014 MMU07 D2 Blm Rgsc02014 intron T→C TCATATTTATTGTGCTTTCTT
RBRC-GD000022 M101099 MMU07 A3 Dmrtc2 Rgsc01099 Thr > Ile C→T CATGGGGTCACAGCCCATCTC
RBRC-GD000023 M101223 MMU06 A3 Smo Rgsc01223 intron T→A TGAGATTTTTTTTATATGTCA
RBRC-GD000024 M101204 MMU05 A3 Shh Rgsc01204 synonymous A→C CCGACATCATATTTAAGGATG
RBRC-GD000025 M101113 MMU01 C3 Bard1 Rgsc01113 Cys > Ser T→A AGAACCTGAATGTTCTGGAAG
RBRC-GD000026 M101114 MMU16 B1 Adipoq Rgsc01114 promoter region A→T GCCTGGAAACAGGATGGCTTG
RBRC-GD000027 M101171 MMU16 B1 Adipoq Rgsc01171 3' flanking T→C ATAATGTAAATATGAAATACA
RBRC-GD000028 M101131 MMU04 A2 Nbn Rgsc01131 Leu > Stop T→A AAGCCAGAGTTGGCAGTTCAA
RBRC-GD000029 M102003 MMU05 A3 Shh Rgsc02003 synonymous A→G AGAGGTGCAAAGACAAGTTAA
RBRC-GD000030 M101154 MMU05 G3 Brca2 Rgsc01154 Arg > His G→A ATAAACTCACGTAAGGATAGT
RBRC-GD000031 M102013 MMU05 A3 Shh Rgsc02013 intron G→T TCCTGGGCCTGTGGTTGGTGG
RBRC-GD000032 M100772 MMU16 B1 Adipoq Rgsc00772 Arg > Gly A→G AACCCCTGGCAGGAAAGGAGA
RBRC-GD000033 M102012 MMU16 B1 Adipoq Rgsc02012 synonymous C→A TGAAGGGCCACGGGGCTTCCC
RBRC-GD000034 M101179 MMU05 G3 Brca2 Rgsc01179 Tyr > His T→C TATAAATGAATATTGTGTTCA
RBRC-GD000035 M102015 MMU04 A2 Nbn Rgsc02015 intron C→A AGTGCTTCCTCCCATTTCCAG
RBRC-GD000036 M100863 MMU06 A3 Smo Rgsc00863 intron T→C AATTTTTTAATGTGGCTACTA
RBRC-GD000037 M101228 MMU13 B3 Ptch1 Rgsc01228 intron T→C CTTCCCCCAATCGTTCTGCTT
RBRC-GD000038 M101207 MMU05 G3 Brca2 Rgsc01207 Asp > Glu T→A CTTCAGGTGATGTCTGCATAA
RBRC-GD000039 M101296 MMU17 C Polh Rgsc01296 Ala > Val C→T AACATGTGGGCGGATGATGCT
RBRC-GD000040 M101258 MMU17 C Polh Rgsc01258 synonymous G→A GACTTCAAAAGTTACAAGGTC
RBRC-GD000041 M101279 MMU17 C Polh Rgsc01279 intron C→T TGCTGCTTTTCGTGGCTAAGC
RBRC-GD000042 M101287 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc01287 intron T→C acttaagctatctcacagtct
RBRC-GD000043 M101285 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc01285 Ala > Ser G→T CCTGACCAGTGCTGCTACTGA
RBRC-GD000044 M101337 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc01337 Phe > Ser T→C CCAGAGTCGTTCTTCAGCAGA
RBRC-GD000045 M101332 MMU07 A3 Dmrtc2 Rgsc01332 intron T→A tcattttgagtttatctttgt
RBRC-GD000046 M101392 MMU08 E2 Disc1 Rgsc01392 synonymous A→G AGCAGTCCCAACACTCACAGT
RBRC-GD000047 M101393 MMU08 E2 Disc1 Rgsc01393 Gln > Leu A→T GTAGCCCCTCAGAGGCGGCGG Majordepression-like [2], The original G1 line of RBRC02324
RBRC-GD000048 M101390 MMU08 E2 Disc1 Rgsc01390 Leu > Pro T→C AAGCCTTTTCTCAAGAGCTCC Schizophorenia-like [2], The original G1 line of RBRC02325
RBRC-GD000049 M100034 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc00034 intron G→A gtccactaccggtaaataaac
RBRC-GD000050 M101404 MMU02 B 2900010J23Rik Rgsc01404 Ile > Thr T→C AGCTCTGACATTAAGAAACTG
RBRC-GD000051 M101397 MMU02 B 2900010J23Rik Rgsc01397 synonymous G→T CACAGATGCTGCTGGGGAAGC
RBRC-GD000052 M101402 MMU02 B 2900010J23Rik Rgsc01402 Ile > Val A→G ATTCCCCATGATTGATGAGAA
RBRC-GD000053 M101403 MMU02 B 2900010J23Rik Rgsc01403 intron T→C ctctgaatagtaatccaccct
RBRC-GD000054 M101421 MMU02 B 2900010J23Rik Rgsc01421 Leu > Ser T→C GAGGAGGCCTTGAGCTCTGAC
RBRC-GD000055 M101412 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc01412 intron T→A attgttaagatgattaattga
RBRC-GD000056 M101481 MMU03 A1 LCNS124 Rgsc01481 noncoding T→C TGCAAACATATGCGCTAAGCT [3]
RBRC-GD000057 M101483 MMU02 C3 LCNS112 Rgsc01483 noncoding A→T ACATTTAAATAGAAGCACTGG [3]
RBRC-GD000058 M101428 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc01428 Gln > His G→T ccctggcacagtacctggtgg
RBRC-GD000059 M101456 MMU05 B1 Hdh Rgsc01456 intron A→T tagaatttagatctataggta
RBRC-GD000060 M101082 MMU02 C3 LCNS112 Rgsc01082 noncoding T→C TCAGAATGCGTAAACTTGCAA [3]
RBRC-GD000061 M101482 MMU02 C3 LCNS112 Rgsc01482 noncoding A→G ATGGGTTGATAAGTTAATTTA [3]
RBRC-GD000062 M101484 MMU13 A2 LCNS348 Rgsc01484 noncoding A→C TATTCTTTACAGTCTGTTGAC [3]
RBRC-GD000063 M101509 MMU08 A2 LCNS242 Rgsc01509 noncoding T→A AAAACTAATATGTCACTGTCA [3]
RBRC-GD000064 M101505 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01505 noncoding A→T TGGGTTTCGCAGAGATTTCCC [3]
RBRC-GD000065 M101507 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01507 noncoding A→T GCTGAGAACAAAGTAAATTTA [3]
RBRC-GD000066 M101508 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01508 noncoding A→G TCCCATAAAAAAGCAAAGGAC [3]
RBRC-GD000067 M101540 MMU04 A2 Nbn Rgsc01540 intron C→T acaactttctcttgaataagc
RBRC-GD000068 M101549 MMU02 C3 LCNS112 Rgsc01549 noncoding A→T TTAATGAGCTATAGTTAAATT [3]
RBRC-GD000069 M101550 MMU13 A2 LCNS348 Rgsc01550 noncoding A→T TAATTTGCACAGCACTTAAAT [3]
RBRC-GD000070 M101548 MMU13 A2 LCNS348 Rgsc01548 noncoding G→T TAAGGGAATGGTGGAAAGGAT [3]
RBRC-GD000071 M101608 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01608 noncoding T→A CAACTACGCATAATGTACCGA [3]
RBRC-GD000072 M101021 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01021 noncoding A→C AATAAGATTCAGCTTGACTTC [3]
RBRC-GD000073 M101826 MMU08 E2 Disc1 Rgsc01826 synonymous A→T GCCTTGATGCACCCTGGAACA
RBRC-GD000074 M101728 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01728 noncoding T→A CAGTGAACTTTAATGGGATTT [3]
RBRC-GD000075 M101725 MMU04 C4 LCNS161 Rgsc01725 noncoding A→G AATGTGACAGACTGAGAGAAG [3]
RBRC-GD000076 M101727 MMU04 C4 LCNS161 Rgsc01727 noncoding T→C AGGGCAAAACTGAGAAATGTG [3]
RBRC-GD000077 M101724 MMU04 C4 LCNS161 Rgsc01724 noncoding A→G ACCAACCCCAAGTTTATTTAG [3]
RBRC-GD000078 M101731 MMU04 C4 LCNS161 Rgsc01731 noncoding A→T TCAATGAAAGATCATCAGCCA [3]
RBRC-GD000079 M101726 MMU18 E4 LCNS418 Rgsc01726 noncoding T→A GCATATTTGATGGAGGAATAA [3]
RBRC-GD000080 M101729 MMU18 E4 LCNS418 Rgsc01729 noncoding T→A CTCTAACAAATAGGGACATCA [3]
RBRC-GD000081 M101830 MMU04 A3 LCNS152 Rgsc01830 noncoding T→C TGCTCATTACTCTTGAGCTAA [3]
RBRC-GD000082 M101827 MMU04 A3 LCNS152 Rgsc01827 noncoding T→A TGTTAGAATTTGAAATGTAGG [3]
RBRC-GD000083 M101831 MMU04 A3 LCNS152 Rgsc01831 noncoding T→G GGGCCACAGATGAGCTCAGTG [3]
RBRC-GD000084 M101240 MMU11 A3 LCNS276 Rgsc01240 noncoding A→G GCAATGAATGACAGTGGAAAT [3]
RBRC-GD000085 M101485 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01485 noncoding G→A ATTGTAACCTGTTTTTAAAGC [3]
RBRC-GD000086 M101828 MMU14 A3 LCNS354 Rgsc01828 noncoding C→T GATTTGACAACATCATATTAA [3]
RBRC-GD000087 M101832 MMU18 A1 LCNS403 Rgsc01832 noncoding T→C CTCCTCTCAGTAGCTGACTTT [3]
RBRC-GD000088 M101829 MMU04 A2 Nbn Rgsc01829 Cys > Arg T→C ttagACTATATGTGCACTCAT
RBRC-GD000089 M100673 MMU04 A2 Nbn Rgsc00673 Ile > Asn T→A TGTGCACTCATTTGTGGACGT
RBRC-GD000090 M102035 MMU04 C4 LCNS161 Rgsc02035 noncoding T→C ATCAGCCACATTATCAGTGTT [3]
RBRC-GD000091 M102036 MMU04 C4 LCNS161 Rgsc02036 noncoding A→T CCTGCTGTGAACAATCTGTAA [3]
RBRC-GD000092 M102033 MMU11 A3 LCNS276 Rgsc02033 noncoding A→T CTACAAATCCAATTACAGATT [3]
RBRC-GD000093 M102038 MMU11 A3 LCNS276 Rgsc02038 noncoding A→T TTGGAGACTCAGAGGCAGGTG [3]
RBRC-GD000094 M102031 MMU11 A3 LCNS276 Rgsc02031 noncoding T→A CAGGTGATAATGAAACTGATA [3]
RBRC-GD000095 M102034 MMU18 E4 LCNS418 Rgsc02034 noncoding T→C CAGTCAGAAGTAATTTAACTT [3]
RBRC-GD000096 M102032 MMU18 E4 LCNS418 Rgsc02032 noncoding A→C TTGTAACTTCAGTGTTGTAGC [3]
RBRC-GD000097 M101873 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01873 intron G→A tttttcgaatgtaacctacta
RBRC-GD000098 M101874 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01874 3' UTR A→T ttgtctctagatgaaaatttt
RBRC-GD000099 M101872 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01872 Tyr > stop T→A gccaacagTATGCAACCCAGC Schizophorenia-like [4]
RBRC-GD000100 M101875 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01875 3' UTR A→T ccctttaaaaattatgttcaa
RBRC-GD000101 M101916 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01916 putative splicing G→A AAACTGGAAGgtacataactt
RBRC-GD000102 M101917 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01917 intron T→A ttgttagaaatgcaccattta
RBRC-GD000103 M101918 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01918 Ile > Ile T→A GAGGCTTAATTCCTGACACGC
RBRC-GD000104 M101919 MMU11 B4 Srr Rgsc01919 intron A→G tagtgtcgaaagtagtacaga

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