(Developed in RIKEN)


  *SDOPDB(Comparative protocol database for mouse phenotyping analyses)
  *Phenotype Platform SOPs

  *ENU Mutants

  *The RIKEN integrated database of mammals

(Other database)



  *Mouse Phenome Database






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As a project of Database Integration Coordination Program in National BioScience Database Center (NBDC), We will develop an integrated phenotype database of model animals (e.g. mouse, rat zebrafish medaka and animals generated by genome editing technologies) in coorperation with Japanese projects deal with model organisms. Phenotype data will be standardized across species using RDF, and will be open to public for use in the biomedical studies and innovations.

The Standardized Description of Operation Procedure is a format to
describe experimental procedures, which enables direct comparison of
procedural parameters. SDOPDB is a database based on this format.

The writing based collection of Standard Operation Procesures (SOPs)
of the mouse phenotyping platform in RIKEN.

folderENU mutants
Information of mutant mice developed in a Large Scale Mutagenesis
Program in RIKEN.

folderThe RIKEN integrated database of mammals
The integrated databases of mammals in RIKEN is developed to secure sustainability, accessibility, utility and publicity of the data produced from multiple large-scale programs that has been promoted by RIKEN. The database integrates not only RIKEN’s original databases, but also imported public databases and ontologies as represented below.