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Aiming the facilitation of the advanced integration of measurement data across various biological experiments, we have investigated the fundamental methodology to expand the Phenotypic Quality Ontology (PATO) commonly used for descriptions of biological phenotypes with the framework of the Yet Another More Advanced Top-level Ontology (YAMATO). The mapping of ontology terms of PATO to YAMATO’s framework represents several advanced aspects such as the introduction of the classification of quality values to represent scales of measurements, the distinction of the different contexts of the comparison of ordinal values, and the establishment of the interoperability of quality description formalisms between different top-level ontologies. In this study, we propose a logical base to integrate cross-species and cross-experimental annotations of biological measurements.



(version 1.0)
*Hozo file
*OWL file (in preparation)

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*Hozo Web viewer 
  (See quality value, property, and generic quality (screen shot) )
*RIKEN SciNeS viewer (in preparation)

EQ2EAV tool
(A perl script to generate from EQ-double with PATO ontology to quality representation with EAV-triple)


Masuya H, Mizoguchi R. Toward fully integration of mouse phenotype information, Interdisciplinary Ontology, 2009 2: 35-44. PDF
Mizoguchi R. Yet Another Top-level Ontology : YATO, Proceedings of the 2nd Interdisciplinary Ontology Meeting, 2009: in press