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Genetics Ontology


Mammalian Phenotype Ontology 日本語版

An Ontology of Gene

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遺伝学オントロジー:Genetics Ontology (GXO)

GXO is the first ontology to provide a foundation for the construction of a semantic data model for the concept of gene applicable to broad fields of life science including genetics, molecular biology, and population genetics. GXO is developed based on the latest top-level ontology, Yet Another More Advanced Top-level Ontology (YAMATO) to bridge itself with the biological domains, especially dealing with experimental genetics. GXO incorporates formal modeling of broad-ranged concepts such as trait and phenotype descriptions as well as representation of experimental design, results, and genetics, including proper and explicit definitions of genetic concepts and modeling in which a gene is a design plan for one or multiple gene products written using a molecular symbol. This semantic framework will facilitate the development of domain ontologies and integrated databases in the biomedical field to provide one of the guidelines for the formalization of common data structure.

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