NANJING UNIVERSITY MARC/RIKEN BRC International Short Summer Course of the Mouse

1. Summary

Mouse has become indispensable bioresource for life sciences. Recent Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine have been awarded to experimental mouse genetics, e.g., KO mouse in 2007 as well as many achievements based on the mouse studies including iPS cell development by Dr. Yamanaka. Model Animal Research Center (MARC), Nanjing University, China (Director: Dr. Xiang Gao) and RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC), Japan (Director: Dr. Yuichi Obata) have agreed to co-organize a short educational program focusing on mouse genetics and related experimental technologies for young scientists. This summer, RIKEN hosted the First International Short Summer Course of the Mouse to help them navigate from basic to cutting-edge technologies as a joint program between Nanjing University MARC and RIKEN BRC. In 2013, Nanjing University MARC will host the Second Joint International Short Summer Course at Nanjing, China. summer_course_snap1

2. Details

Periods: from 13:00 Monday August 27, 2012
to 12:30 Wednesday August 29, 2012
Place: Moriwaki Hall (BioResource Center Main Building 1F), and Lecture Room (BioResource Building for Cell Research 3F) in RIKEN Tsukuba Institute.
Attendees: 15 participants from 6 countries (2 Chinese, 4 Taiwanese, 1 Swiss, 1 Romanian, 1 Bangladeshi, and 6 Japanese)
Style: lectures and lab tour
Lecturers: 3 professors of Nanjing University MARC and 10 professors of RIKEN BRC

3. Venue

RIKEN Tsukuba Institute

4. Program

Program summer_course_program

5. Contents of Lectures:

  • Introduction and Roles of Bioresources.
  • History and Basic Principles of Mouse Genetics.
  • Management and Quality Control of Mouse Husbandry and Facilities.
  • Mouse Resources at RIKEN BRC and How to Use.
  • Standardization of Mouse Phenotyping and the Japan Mouse Clinic.
  • International Sharing of Biological Information in the Mouse
  • Mutant Mice as Models for Human Diseases.
  • Development, Embryology and Disorders in the Mouse
  • Technologies for Bioresource Characterization
  • Recent Advancements of Nuclear Transfer and ICSI techniques
  • High Throughput Genome Analysis and Mutagenesis
  • Cell Bank Work -- What Is Possible with iPS Cell Technology?


  • Yuichi Obata, Ph.D., Director, RIKEN Tsukuba Institute and BRC
  • Xiang Gao, Ph.D., Director and Professor, MARC, Nanjing University
  • Kazuo Moriwaki, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, RIKEN BRC
  • Kuniya Abe, Ph.D., Deputy Director and Team Leader, RIKEN BRC
  • Liqin Cao, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist, RIKEN, BRC
  • Shuai Chen, Ph.D., Professor, MARC, Nanjing University
  • Yoichi Gondo, Ph.D., Team Leader, BRC
  • Hiroshi Masuya, Ph.D., Unit Leader, RIKEN BRC
  • Yukio Nakamura, M.D., Ph.D., Head, RIKEN BRC
  • Atsuo Ogura, DVM, Ph.D., Head, RIKEN BRC
  • Atsushi Yoshiki, Ph.D., Head, RIKEN BRC
  • Shigeharu Wakana, Ph.D., Team Leader, RIKEN BRC
  • Jing Zhao, Ph.D., Chief, MARC, Nanjing University