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  Observation of overall appearance is useful to evaluate comprehensive mouse phenotypic traits which are controlled by a lot of genes. Observed phenotypic change of mouse morphology and behavior provides a great deal of information that serves as an indication of what to analyze in the next step. As examples, a timid mouse escaping just as coming into view human fingers will become one of the experimental models for mental disease, and a mouse of polyuria will become one of the models for renal diabetes. So far observation of overall appearance was performed on subjective evaluation, and we had no universal description for the evaluation of each observed phenotypic trait. We need the observation method which enables evaluation of phenotypic trait with universal and precise description.

  The RIKEN Modified SHIRPA is one of the excellent and quick observation methods which evaluate comprehensive mouse phenotypic trait with universal and precise description. This method requires no precise equipment and performed only by visual inspection and manual handling using simple equipment. Approximately 60 test items cover the evaluation of comprehensive phenotypic traits related to mouse morphology, behavior, sensory responses and etc. In a lot of studies of mutant analysis and toxicological tests, this method has been already used for the evaluation of overall appearance.

  The RIKEN modified SHIRPA can be easily introduced to every laboratory and be quickly mastered by everyone. This method has been the international standard as the observation of overall appearance to be used in an increasing number of research areas.

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