Our mission is to develop genetics-related techniquies, especially those 
essential for maintenance and supply of laboratory mice and stem cell lines at a high quality in RIKEN BioResource Center.

News and Information

May 2017: Dr. Arata HONDA (Visiting Staff) made a press release.
                  "Oocyte and Sperm from iPSCs of an Endangered Species"
                  - Sexual flexibilility of endangered germ cells - PR

May 2016: Dr. Atsuo OGURA was awarded The Ando-Tajima Prize.
                   "Development of reproduction engineering techniques for bioresources and
                   their research use" go to BRC siteBRC Site Photo Album

Mar. 2016: Dr. Domenico Iuso won the best poster award at the International Symposium
                   on the Future of Nuclear Transfer and Nuclear Reprogramming. Photo Album
                   "Exogenous Expression of Human Protamine 1 (hPrm1) Remodels Fibroblast
                   Nuclei into Spermatid-like Structures"

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embryo transfer

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