Mutagenesis and Genomics Team


  Efficient mutagenesis technologies and mutation detection systems are indispensable to develop biological resources. The genome-wide mutation discovery is also a key for the quality control of developed bioresources. The Mutagenesis and Genomics Team will develop a high-throughput and high-resolution mutation discovery system in particular to detect unknown newly-arizen mutations in the whole genome of higher eukaryotes. At the same time, we will develop useful mutagenesis infrastructure and technology and indeed provide useful bioresources such as model mice for human diseases to the research community. We use a potent mutagen, ethylnitrosourea (ENU) to induce point mutations in the mouse genome. Then the mutation discovery system allows us to detect randomly-induced single-base-substitutions in target genes. Contrary to ordinary genetics, it is called "reverse genetics" or "gene-driven mutagenesis", which provide mutant mouse lines to understand the biological function of the gene and genome. Mutant mice carrying mutations in candidate genes for human diseases are subjected to elucidate the mechanism of the diseases.


Team Leader
Yoichi Gondo, Ph.D

Development of Technology

ENU-based gene-driven mutagenesis



      RIKEN ENU-based Gene-driven Mouse Mutagenesis