Technology and Development Team for Mouse Phenotype Analysis:Japan Mouse Clonic


  We develop a systematic and comprehensive phenotyping platform consisting of more than 400 test items, based on the knowledge of pathogenesis of human diseases. Using this system, we perform more comprehensive and profound phenotyping of mouse mutants, which are and will be deposited to RIKEN BRC. Judging from the results of preceding foreign phenotyping projects, we expect that existing mouse mutants be revalued as new disease models by identified novel phenotypes. We also develop a standard operating procedures (SOP) of mouse phenotyping and exchange this information with other large-scale related projects, such as EUMODIC (European Mouse Disease Clinic) and MPP (Mouse Phenome Project), and thereby we will contribute to international efforts for standardization of mouse phenotype data. Finally, through collaborations with and our team will integrate information of mouse phenotypes and clinical features of human diseases. It will enable more objective characterization of mouse mutants, and lead to the development of high value-added mouse resources.


Team Leader
Shigeharu Wakana, Ph.D

Our Activities

  • Development of a systematic and comprehensive mouse phenotyping platform.
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOP) of mouse phenotyping.
  • Collaboration with the large-scale mouse phenotyping projects, such as EUMODIC (European Mouse Disease Clinic) and MPP (Mouse Phenome Project).
Mouse resources in Japan and abroad Standardizezed Workflow in the Pipeline for Phenotype Screening



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